Thursday, June 23, 2011

Are you proud of your country ?

Sometime back I got indulged into a group of friends on a rendezvous, a topic which needs a close watch and attention; Guess Wot? “Are you proud of your country?” I was petrified and tad numb, because I know I might get hurt, so I refrained from the entourage. This topic apparently is heavy and leads us into oodles of controversies and reprehension. But, If you ask me the same question, I rather be pragmatic and reply “Yes, I am, not because we won the World cup cricket 2011”.

What exactly makes you proud of your country? Is it when we beats Australia in the cricket? Or is it when your favourite political organization comes into power? ??

We had produced and gifted gazillion of artefacts to the world. We introduced methods of good life like Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, naturopathy…Etc into the world. We are one of the fastest developing countries with a whopping outsourcing and bullish economy. Our country has a history of phenomenal civilization, magnificent architectural structures and religious sanctuaries. Greatest legends of the histories in the fields of politics, spirituality, arts, science and economics walked on our country. Birth place for the greatest spiritual masters who taught and served the whole humanity about the absolute truths of life. The only diversified country in the world with hundreds of languages, religions/castes, festivals, political organizations, colours, customs and cultural values. We have super speciality hospitals serving the poor with absolutely no charges. We have advanced technologies both in medical and military, higher education, 33% women representation in the parliament, the IT hub of Asia and lots more to be proud of.

But ironically, How far our system (government, organizations & individuals) has succeeded in sustaining the riches of our culture? Our progress has been slowed a bit by the sublime attacks and manifold indifferences. We are inflamed, influenced and indulged by the whirlwind of corrupt bureaucracy, communal riots, skyrocketing crime rates, gender and racial discrimination, foes between states, fight for rivers and resources, terrorism, human trafficking ….an unwinding lists.

We assassinated the father of our nation and many great leaders. We killed assaulted, spearheaded and engineered violence in the streets. Are the tourists safe? We have news of tourists being raped or murdered and how the crippled system let the culprits go uncharged and later those stories goes oblivion. An excerpts from an article I read recently: “she tries to hide the injury on her head with her sari as she describes how she and four other village women, mostly widows were beaten, paraded naked and forced to eat excreta. There were at least 10K villagers watching when these women were beaten up “

Are our children’s, sisters or mothers safe in the roads or the streets? Our security system is in stake, lapses in the system have invited 26/11 and parliament attacks and so on. How about our infrastructure and its associated components like traffic, roads and railways? How advanced and accessible is our health care system? How far our education system has expanded? Is every child of this country accessible to basic education? How about the child mortality rate, child nourishment, girl child discrimination?

I have read comments like “We would have become an Africa if British have not invaded us”. Pre British invasion, the power was vested with the Rajs, Kings or provinces which fought regularly for their personal benefits, a fugitive version of civil wars in Africa. Apparently British invasion was a cause to unite/regroup the entire provinces. Ironically the we raged a massive strike by Mahatma Gandhi and his entourage against them which led to their exit from our country.

In spite of doing nothing and being proud, we can be a good citizen who can resourcefully enjoys the luxury of fundamental rights and treat everyone as equals (We have the habit of treating people based on their positions/levels). Let’s join force with amity to preserve/conserve our resources like rivers, forests, hills, mines, wild life, boundaries and magnificent structures. Spread, share and educate everyone about our cultural values, assets and civilization. Let’s prevent crimes to take over the streets through awareness. Refrain from dumping thrashes into the streets and let’s make our cities a “Green and clean city”. Let’s follow the queue, discipline in the roads, avoid rash driving and violating signals, unnecessary honks, drunken and underage driving and finally drive responsibly. Treat all the religions and castes as equal. Refrain from destroying public properties like offices, bus and trains. Say “Goodbye” to unproductive strikes and protests. Make sure to clean the streets after the Diwali or any celebrations which leaves lots of wastes. Pay taxes and refrain from illegal investments and benefits. Finally, we can earn respect only when we give respect.

Remember, the actual power is vested with individuals / citizens of this nation and let’s joins hands with government to build a graceful paradise. Present and Future of our country is within the control of us and lets preserve our Past, lets hold our hands together and work hard for a better and smarter country blushing with love, serenity and sacredness.

Gandhi said “Work is worship”...

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  1. Hmmm.. Good thought. I would rather start thinking about the world than my country from now. ( well thought strategy to avoid the flames :D ) .

    Are you proud of yourselves is a question which comes out of this as well if you delve deeper?

    TO answer your question : Yes , I am. Not because of what we gave the world. But for being able to sustain some ideas in your life even when you are drawn towards accepting everything that you get talked into..